Introducing SLEEP TAUT

Allow me to introduce Sleep Taut, a breakthrough in wrinkle treatment technology!
Sleep Taut Offers Breakthrough Anti-Aging Benefits
Sleep Taut is a wrinkle treatment and prevention patch made of chemical free, naturally hydrating medical grade silicone and designed to be worn while sleeping. Sleep Taut is specifically contoured to fit the wrinkle prone areas of the face and chest AND can be worn at night against your pillow to prevent creases that become deep wrinkles! 
Sleep Taut's patented design is thicker in the center so it wont crease and has an ultra-thin edge that won't cause additional creases when slept on.  Sleep Taut is self-adhesive and reusable up to 45+ times.  Simply remove the Sleep Taut patch from the backing and place on clean, taut skin. Sleep Taut is specifically contoured to be applied at temples, forehead, nasal folds and chest.  Comfortably wear Sleep Taut when you sleep and instantly wake to smoother, supple skin. 
The Science Behind Silicone
Sleep Taut is 100% made in the USA , is chemical free and utilizes the safety and sensitivity of medical gradel silicone to provide a comfortable, stay-put barrier between your skin and your pillow. Science has shown silicone both hydrates and builds collagen, the components present in youthful, taut skin. Hospitals and dermatologists currently use silicone to treat and prevent scars.  Sleep Taut is a silicone wrinkle prevention and anti-aging wrinkle treatment in one simple solution.   
Did you know that your skin has memory? Don't teach your face to be creased and wrinkled by your pillow. Teach your skin to be smooth and hydrated during your sleeping hours! Sleep Taut physically flatens wrinkles, prevents new wrinkles from forming and effectively treats the ones you have by smoothing and hydrating them.  With each and every use, Sleep Taut is teaching your skin to be smooth and youthful!
How does Sleep Taut Compare to the Competition
Sleep Taut is marketed as the FIRST wrinkle treatment and prevention patch for FACE and chest with a patented design to be worn while sleeping. Sleep Taut is special because it is specifically designed and contoured to fit all of the wrinkle prone areas of the face and to be worn at night, against a pillow, without leaving additional creases!  Sleep Taut is utility patent pending and currently retains a provisional patent.
Sleep Taut has an exceptional value in both dollar and use.  Sleep Taut takes the place of expensive creams where used and can be reused up to 45 times with proper care.  In addition to the immediate hydrating effects, the wrinkle prevention and long term flattening of wrinkles add up to less money in treating wrinkles in the future.  Sleep Taut design retains the integrity and shape of the face after cosmetic fillers are administered.
The average American woman spends quality time and money on regimes and creams, serum's, toners, cosmetic fillers and lasers, just to have their face pummeled by their pillow.   These costly creams absorb into your pillowcase once your face hits the pillow!  Many cultures believe wearing creams to bed softens skins and makes it more likely to wrinkle.  So the truth is, these creams can only do so much for your skin.  Sleep Taut creates a hydrating, collagen building barrier between your skin and your pillow case and utilizes the night time hours to give you the best and longest lasting supple, smooth effect.
About the Owner
The innovator of Sleep Taut is also Three Green Hearts women's accessory business owner responsible for the Goddess feather hair jewelry trend in 2010. Three Green Hearts Goddess Hair Jewelry and Halobands were sold at TJ MaXX, Marshalls, Planet Beauty, and many fine boutiques across the USA as well as seen in copious fashion magazines and worn by celebrities including Heather Locklear, Megan Fox and Victoria Justice to name a few.  
Andrea is passionate about health and beauty.  As she entered her mid 30's, she woke up distraught each morning to find wrinkle lines on both sides of her eyes, from the corner of her eyes to her hairline.  Like many people, Andrea sleeps on her side and stomach.  After age 35, her facial skin had lost enough collagen that her pillow creases lasted for hours, if not the whole day.  Each passing sleep brought more wrinkles from sleeping in her pillow until the day she invented and started using Sleep Taut.  Pillow wrinkles are now permanently a thing of the past. 
"I feel relief to wake up in the morning to see that my skin is smooth and I dont have wrinkles on the sides of my eyes, or unevenly creasing nasal folds. My face looks more supple.  From the first time I used Sleep Taut my skin was noticeably smoother and more youthful looking. I would never sleep without Sleep Taut, not even for a short nap. You will never want to sleep without them once you've used them. Sleep Taut is the best defense a man or woman can have against aging and never ending "pillow problems" - Owner/ Innovator Sleep Taut, Andrea Harsany